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Tennessee foundation links & other resources:
Other resourcesAssociation of Fundaraising Professionals, Memphis
Association of Fundaraising Professionals, Mountain Empire
Association of Fundaraising Professionals, Nashville
Association of Fundaraising Professionals, Smoky Mountain
Association of Fundaraising Professionals, Southeastern Tennessee

Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence
Center for Nonprofit Management
Center for Nonprofits

Tennessee Foundation Web sites

Assisi Foundation Of Memphis
Blevins, Jim Foundation (email)
Caesars Entertainment Foundation
Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation
Clayton Family Foundation /
Community Foundation Of Greater Chattanooga /
Community Foundation Of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee
Curb, Mike Family Foundation
East Tennessee Foundation /
Frist Foundation /
Griffin, Elizabeth R. Research Foundation
HCA Foundation
Hope Christian Community Foundation /
Hyde, J. R. III Foundation /
Hyde, J. R. Sr. Family Foundation /
International Paper Company Foundation
Jewish Foundation Of Memphis
Lyndhurst Foundation
MaClellan Foundation /
Memorial Foundation
Middle Tennessee Electrical Customer Care
Pickle, James Walter Charitable Foundation (email)
Regal Foundation
Siegel, Richard Foundation
Sparks Foundation /
Sunrise Foundation /
Tennessee Health Foundation /
VEC Customers Share
Wilson, Kemmons Family Foundation /

The Tennessee Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Tennessee that lists every foundation in Tennessee AND profiles every grant made by Tennessee’s largest foundations. Clickhere to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the Tennessee Foundation DataBook:
Academy Place Foundation
Adams Family Foundation I
Adams Family Foundation II
After God’s Heart
AHB Foundation
Aladdin Industries Foundation
Allen Christian Foundation
Alpha Delta Omega Foundation
American Snuff Co. Charitable Trust
AMJ Foundation
AmSouth Foundation
Anderson, Beth B. Family Foundation
Anderson, David C. & Pamela N. Foundation
Aslan Foundation
Atticus Foundation
Ayers Foundation
B & R Charitable Foundation
Bartlett-Patterson Corporation
BBC Foundation
Beaman, Alvin & Sally Foundation
Beasley, Emily & Robert Charitable Trust
Belcher, SE Jr. Private Foundation # 2
Belz Foundation
Benwood Foundation
Berman Charitable Foundation
Berry, Kendall Charitable Trust
Blackmon Family Foundation
Blum Family Foundation
Bonny Oaks Foundation
Bowman, Wayne & Ida Foundation
Boyd, William S. & Elizabeth K. Foundation
Boyle, Charles H. Foundation
Bradford Family Foundation
Briggs, T. W. Foundation
Brown, Kathryn Carell Foundation
Brown, Pete H. & Mildred F. Foundation
Brown, Stokes & Sarah Charitable Foundation
Brumit Family Charitable Foundation
Bryan, William F. Trust
Buntin, Horatio B. & Willie J. Foundation
Burch, Lucius E., III, Family Foundation
Butler, Kathryn Brown Family Foundation
Caldwell Foundation
Campbell, Elizabeth Turner Foundation
Canale Foundation
Cantu, Carlos H. Family Foundation
Card Foundation
Carell, Ann & Monroe Foundation
Carol Foundation
Cartinhour-Woods Foundation
CBRL Group Foundation
Chapman Family Foundation
Charis Foundation
Chazen Family Foundation
Children’s Foundation Of Memphis
Christian Education Charitable Trust
Christian Scholarships Missions & Prjs. Fdn.
Christy-Houston Foundation
Chrysalis Foundation
Cigarran Family Foundation
Citizens Bank Tri-Cities Foundation
CLARCOR Foundation
Clarkson, Jeniam Foundation
Clarksville Charitable & Educational Foundation
Clayton Foundation
Cobble Family Foundation
Cole Family Foundation
Cole, Robert H. & Monica M. Foundation
Community Health Systems Foundation
Condra, Robert & Evelyn Foundation
Cook Brothers Educational Fund
Cook, Judith E. & Joseph C., Jr. Foundation
Cordover Family Foundation
Cornerstone Foundation Of Knoxville
Craig, C. A. II Family Foundation
Creek Bed Foundation
Crittenden Foundation C/O Eleanor B. Currie
Daelansa Foundation
Daily Family Foundation
Danner Foundation
Dasa Foundation
Davis, Joe C. Foundation
Davis, Ruth Q. Foundation
Day Foundation
Deupree Family Foundation
Directed Paths Foundation
Dixie Group Foundation
Dodson Family Charitable Foundation
Domini-Ashley Foundation
Donner Foundation
Doochin Family Charitable Foundation
Douglass, Terry D. & Rosann B. Foundation
Draughon, Louis R. Foundation
Dugas Family Foundation
Durham, H. W. Foundation
EBS Foundation
Eden Foundation
Edwards, E. B. & Mildred C. Charitable Trust
Elgin Foundation
Elliott, Don R. Foundation
Eskind, Annette & Irwin Family Foundation
Eskind, Jane & Richard & Family Foundation
Eskind, Jeffrey & Donn Family Foundation
Eskind, Steven & Laurie Family Foundation
Ezell Foundation
Ezell, Mark & Martha Foundation
Fensterwald Foundation
First Horizon Foundation
Fitzgerald, Arch & Lillie Frank Foundation
Fleming, Samuel M. Foundation
Fogelman, Robert & Martha Charitable Trust
Formanek, Robin & Peter Charitable Trust
Foster, M. Straton Charitable Foundation
Fox, Mary G. K. Foundation
Fraser, Malcolm Foundation
Frist, Dorothy Cate & Thomas F. Foundation
Frist, Patricia C. & Thomas F., Jr. Foundation
Frist, William H. Family Foundation
Fugitive Foundation
Garrett, J. C., III Family Foundation
Gatton, Bill Foundation
Gaylord Entertainment Foundation
Glenn Family Foundation
Goad Fam Foundation
Goddard Foundation
Goldsmith Foundation
Goodfriend Foundation
Goodlett Foundation
Gordon, Joel C. & Bernice W. Family Foundation
Grace Foundation Of Memphis
Grandview Foundation
Gray, Col. R. McDonald Family Foundation
Grehl, Audrey E. & Michael T. Charitable Trust
Guthrie, Jacqueline D. Foundation
Hamblen County Foundation For Educational …
Hand Foundation
Hankins, Jim Horne & Evelyn S. Foundation
Harrahs Foundation
Harris, Will & Jane Foundation
Hart, Patricia & Rodes Foundation
Haslam 3 Foundation
Haslam Family Foundation
Hassenfeld, John & Heidi Family Foundation
Hawthorn Charitable Foundation
Held Foundation
Heller Family Foundation
Hemphill Family Foundation
Henington, Nollie & Amanda Trust
Hohenberg Charity Trust
Hohenberg Foundation
Hollingsworth Foundation
Hope Through Healing Hands
Houghland Foundation
Howard, Reggie Foundation
Hudson Family Charitable Foundation
Hunt Family Foundation Of Nashville Tennessee
Hurlburt, Orion & Emma B. Trust
Hussey, Bernice H. & Richard W. Foundation
Hutcheson, Hazel Montague Foundation
Ingram Foundation
Ingram, Beth & Preston Foundation
Ingram, Martha & Bronson Foundation
Israel, Donald J. & Katherine T. Foundation
Jefferson Federal Charitable Foundation
Jeniam II Foundation
Jew, Alice W. Foundation
Jewell, Daniel Ashley & Irene Houston Memorial Foundation
Johnson, Edith Carell Foundation
Johnson, George R. Family Foundation
Johnson, Nancy & Victor S., Jr. Foundation
Jones, Allan Foundation
Jones, Jennings & Rebecca Foundation
Jones, John M. & Arnold S. Family Foundation
Jordan Family Foundation
Joy Foundation
Joyce Family Foundation
Keck Charitable Trust
Keel Foundation
Kennedy Foundation
King, Robin & Bill Family Foundation
Kirkland, Robert E. & Jenny D. Foundation
Kite Foundation
Klein, Victoria Owen Family Foundation
Knapp Foundation
Knoxville Christian Community Foundation
L. A. M. P. Foundation
Lamar, Jack Family Charitable Foundation
Lamberth Foundation Of Mississippi
Lane, Harry Family Foundation
Lannom, Edward H. & June F. Jr. Chr Trust
Lansky, Irvin Foundation
Lapides, Bernard & Shirley W. Lapides Foundation
Laroche Family Foundation
Latimer, Bill & Carol Charitable Foundation
Lea, Edward R. & Ruby J. Charitable Trust A
Lebovitz Family Charitable Trust
Leipers Fork Foundation
Leonard, Jim Brock Charitable Trust
Lester Family Foundation Trust
Lewis-Warburg Foundation
Lichterman-Loewenberg Foundation
Life Extension Foundation
Lifepoint Community Foundation
Lifeworks Foundation
Liff, Judy & Noah Foundation
LJ Family Foundation
Longmire, Wayne & Alberta Endowment Trust
Lowenstein, William P. & Marie R. Foundation
Maclellan, Hugh & Charlotte Charitable Trust
Maclellan, Robert L. & Kathrina H. Foundation
Maddox Foundation
Magdovitz Family Foundation
Margolin, Sam S. & Rose L. Charitable Trust
Martin Foundation
Martin, Albert Jay Family Foundation
Martin, R. Brad Family Foundation
Massengill-Defriece Foundation
Massey, Jack C. Foundation
Masters Table
Mayfield, C. Scott & Muriel S. Family Foundation
McCallum, Robert D. & Virginia J. Foundation
McConnell Foundation
McGehee Family Foundation
McKenzie Charitable Foundation
McReynolds Family Foundation
McWherter, Ned R. Charitable Foundation
Melkus Family Foundation
Melrose Foundation
Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation
Memphis-Plough Community Foundation
Menke Foundation
Mercy Foundation
Mick Foundation
Midler, Bette Family Foundation
Miller, Andrew Woodfin Foundation
Monday, Gene & Florence Foundation
Mooneyhan Family Foundation
Moore International Foundation
Morgan, Dudley & Walter Foundation
Morris Family Foundation
Muller, Sophie Mary Ann Trust
My Memphis Charitable Foundation
Nehemiah Foundation
Neighbors Keeper Foundation
Nelson, Hermoine & Glen Foundation
Nissan Foundation
Niswonger Foundation
Odom, Douglas & Robbie Foundation
Ogle, Luther & Stella Foundation
Ortale Family Foundation
Osborne, Weldon F. Foundation
Pace Family Foundation
Paddison, Roger B. & Evelyn W. Chr Fdn
Parks, Maude Memorial Fund
Pattee Foundation
Peckerwood Foundation
Pettway, Jane I. Foundation
Phillips, Gerald W. & Mary Ann Family Charitable Foundation
Pikelny Family Foundation
Plough Foundation
Poplar Foundation
Potter, Justin & Valerie Blair Foundation
Potter, Valere B. Trust
Powell Foundation
Presley, Elvis Memorial Foundation
Proctor, Elizabeth Craig Weaver Chr Fdn
ProVision Foundation
Ragsdale Family Foundation
Rasmussen Foundation
Red Bank & Soddy-Daisy Charitable Foundation
Redbird Foundation
Restoration Foundation
Reynolds Family Foundation
Reynolds, Eleanor T. Foundation
Rich Foundation
Richardson Foundation
Ridblatt Family Charitable Trust
Robbins, Eleanor M. Foundation
Robinson, Margaret Ann & Walter Foundation
Roddis, Hamilton Foundation
Rogers, Frank & Virginia Foundation
Roros Foundation
Rose Foundation
Rucker, Inez Craig William Rucker Charitable Foundation
Rucker-Donnell Foundation
Salmon Foundation
Sampson Foundation
Sapphire Foundation
Schadt Foundation
Scheidt Family Foundation
Schulman, M. P. Foundation
Seidman, P. K. Trust
Seme Foundation
Sertoma Foundation
SFFC Foundation
Shaheen, John & Angela Charitable Trust
Shepherds Foundation
Sims Foundation
Small, Irvin & Beverly Foundation
Smith, Barbara Owen Family Foundation
Smith, Frank P. & Nancy B. Charitable Foundation
Smith, Henry Laird Foundation
Smith, Oliver & Evelyn Foundation
Smithking, , W. Boyd & Emily Montague Frey Fdn
Soli Deo Gloria Foundation
Souls For Christ
Sparrow Foundation
Speer Charitable Trust
Splawn, Don & Roy Charitable Foundation East
Stadler, Julia Carell Foundation
Starfish Foundation
Stephens Christian Trust
Stokely, William B. Jr. Foundation
Street, Gordon Foundation
Sunlight Foundation
SunTrust Foundation Of Chattanooga
Swafford, Carl A. & Theresa K. Foundation
T & T Family Foundation
Tennessee Christian Medical Foundation
Tharp, James H. Charitable Trust
Thomas, Chris & Kim Foundation
Thompson Charitable Foundation
Thompson, Lucille S. Family Fund
Tipton, Helen M. Charitable Trust
Toms Foundation
Travis, Jeanette Foundation
Tucker Foundation
Tully-Graves Foundation
Turner, Cal Family Foundation
Turner, James Stephen Charitable Foundation
Turner, Laura G. Charitable Foundation
Uhlmann, Patricia Werthan Foundation
Unaka Foundation
Vandewater, David T. Foundation
Varallo, Frank J. B. & Emma S. Foundation Trust
Vickers Foundation
Wallace, Louise Bullard Foundation
Walters Foundation
Ward, Clifton & Clara Foundation
Wardlaw, James C. & Charlotte Charitable Foundation
Washington Foundation
Waterhouse, Mary Trust
Weems, G. H. Educational Fund
Weiss, Robert Lee Foundation
Werthan, Betty & Bernard Foundation
West End Home Foundation
West Family Foundation
West, Peggy & Lawrence Foundation
White, Martha Christine Foundation
Wildwood Foundation Trust
Williamson Martin & Brooke Family Foundation
Wilson, Blair J. Charitable Trust
Wilson, John U. Charitable
Wilson, Robert A. & Susan C. Foundation
Wilt, Toby S. Foundation
Winegardner Community Foundation
Wood Family Foundation
Woodfin Foundation
Woollard, Corinne T. Foundation
Wright Charitable Trust
Zimmerman Foundation
Zimmerman, Raymond Charitable Trust
Zimmerman, Raymond Family Foundation