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Special offers may not be available for every DataBook. Please check the order form for the DataBook you want to purchase for current pricing and discounts. Special offers may not be combined with other discounts and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Ford T. Pearson at (888) 743-0569 with questions.
Save up to 50% or more! Bulk rates are available, call Ford for current pricing.
Save up to 50% when ordering bulk quantities of the DataBook and Software! Team up with other nonprofits and place your orders together!
AFP Chapters, Technical / Community Service Organizations, & RAGs
C&D Publishing offers a $25 discount to some Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters, and to some Technical Services Organizations and Regional Associations of Grantmakers (RAGs). Special order forms reflecting the discounted rates should be available from your local AFP chapter Board (if you need help please email or call Ford T. Pearson at (888) 743-0569). Current discount programs include nonprofit organizations that are members of the following organizations: Association Of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Chapters in IA, KS, KY, LA, NV, OR, TN, WA, The Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky; Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations in Louisiana, Nonprofit Association of the Midlands in Nebraska and the Center for Nonprofit Management in Tennessee.
Grant Trainers and Community Service Organizations
Interested in conducting a grantwriting workshop featuring the Foundation DataBooks? We can provide a complete curriculum for a workshop on Writing Successful Foundation Requests.One grantwriter recently told us: “I raised more than $400,000 using your first edition. When is the next one coming out…I want it now!”

Learning to write compelling requests…to the “right” foundation…is not rocket science. Yet many people benefit from an organized presentation of the basic steps:

  • How to find the ‘right’ foundation (one which gives to your ‘cause’ and in your geographic area, and also to organizations whose budget size is similar to yours)
  • How to research foundations and what to research
  • How to construct a “Letter Proposal” and what elements to stress on application forms or in the letter
  • How to use board member energy (or other volunteers) effectively
  • The role and importance of Public Relations in fundraising
  • How to determine the right ‘ask’ amount
  • How to think about project design, identifying and attracting community partners: volunteers, donors, in-kind donations of services, products, or other essential items
  • How to construct a one page budget
  • What to include with your submission “package”

We believe our DataBooks are the best foundation directories in the country compared to any other state-specific reference works. Conducting a grantwriting workshop is not for everyone and not for the well-meaning but inexperienced. That would not be fair to us, or to workshop participants. However. If you have a lot of experience raising money for nonprofits or have conducted similar trainings in the past, we would like to hear from you.

We can provide interested parties with a detailed example of a one-day or two-day workshop upon request.

Working through or under the auspices of (or sharing the income with) a nonprofit organization as the local sponsor of the workshops helps with credibility for the training. Our workshop design usually involves participation of area foundation representatives (staff or trustees) and/or a ‘round-table’ discussion for participants and experts to share open-ended ideas and discuss strategies, ask questions or clarify priorities and policies for applying.

C&D Publishing founder and owner Craig McPherson wrote grants to 20 years and conducted hundreds of grantwriting trainings–and Foundation DataBook author Ford T. Pearson has many years experience in marketing and public relations. We can provide you with a sample flyer and other materials to help you advertise and promote the workshop, a complete agenda (which you could modify to suit your circumstances), and sample materials exploring and expanding the topics identified above. Workshop materials usually are 12-15 pages.

Interested parties: please contact Craig McPherson or Ford T. Pearson at (888) 743-0569.