WA Foundation Links and Other Resources

Washington foundation links & other resources:

1 Ackerley, Ginger & Barry Foundation, www.ackerleyfoundation.org
2 Allen, Paul G. Family Foundation, The, www.pgafoundations.com
3 Apex Foundation, www.apexfoundation.org
4 Archibald, Norman Charitable Foundation, www.archibaldfoundation.org
5 Arise Charitable Trust, The, www.arisecharitabletrust.org
6 ArtsFund, www.artsfund.org
7 Avista Foundation, The, www.avistafoundation.org
8 Bacon, John & Debra Family Foundation, The, www.baconfamilyfoundation.org
9 Bainbridge Community Foundation, www.bainbridgecommunityfoundation.org
10 Baker Foundation, The, www.bakerfoundation.org
11 Bamford Foundation, The, www.bamfordfoundation.org
12 Behnke Foundation, The, www.behnkefoundation.org
13 Bezos Family Foundation, www.bezosfamilyfoundation.org
14 Blakemore Foundation, www.blakemorefoundation.org
15 Blue Mountain Community Foundation, www.bluemountainfoundation.org
16 Boeing Company Charitable Trust, The, www.boeing.com/companyoffices/aboutus/community/focus_objectives.html
17 Brainerd Foundation, The, www.brainerd.org
18 Bullitt Foundation, www.bullitt.org/
19 Burning Foundation, The, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/burning/
20 Campion Foundation, The, www.campionfoundation.org
21 CarEth Foundation, www.careth.org
22 Channel Foundation, www.channelfoundation.org/
23 Cheney, Ben B. Foundation, www.benbcheneyfoundation.org
24 Columbia Basin Foundation, www.columbiabasinfoundation.org
25 Community Building Foundation, www.community-building.org/foundation
26 Community Foundation For Southwest Washington, www.cfsww.org
27 Community Foundation Of North Central Washington, www.cfncw.org
28 Community Foundation Of South Puget Sound, The, www.thecommunityfoundation.com
29 Contorer Foundation, www.contorer.org
30 Cooper & Levy Trust, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/cooperlevy
31 Dimmer Family Foundation, The, www.dimmerfoundation.org
32 Dore, Fred H. & Mary S. Charitable Foundation, www.dorefoundation.net/about
33 Dudley Foundation, The, www.dudleyfoundation.org
34 Dupar Foundation, duparfoundation.org
35 Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, https://online.foundationsource.com/public/home/emef
36 EverTrust Foundation, www.evertrustfoundation.com/index.htm
37 Fales Foundation Trust, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/fales
38 Ferguson, Hugh & Jane Foundation, The, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/ferguson/
39 Forest Foundation, forestfound.org
40 Foss, June & Julian Foundation, www.foss-foundation.org
41 Foster Foundation, The, thefosterfoundation.org/Contact.asp
42 Furnessville Foundation, The, foundation.conru.com
43 Gates, Bill & Melinda Foundation, www.gatesfoundation.org
44 Giddens, Thomas V., Jr. Foundation, www.giddensfoundation.org
45 Glaser Foundation, www.paulglaserfoundation.org
46 Glaser Progress Foundation, www.glaserprogress.org
47 Grays Harbor Community Foundation, www.gh-cf.org
48 Greater Everett Community Foundation, www.greatereverettcf.org
49 Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, The, www.gtcf.org
50 GreaterGoodOrg, GreaterGood.org
51 Green, Joshua Foundation, The, www.joshuagreencorp.com/foundation
52 Grousemont Foundation, www.grousemontfoundation.org
53 Handsel Foundation, www.handselfdn.org
54 Hanlon Foundation, www.hanlon.org
55 Harbers, Renee & Jeff Family Foundation, www.harbersfoundation.org
56 Harder Foundation, www.theharderfoundation.org
57 Harrington-Schiff Foundation, foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/schiff
58 Harvest Foundation, www.harvestf.org
59 Helstrom Foundation, The, www.helstromfoundation.org
60 Humanlinks, www.humanlinksfoundation.org
61 Inland Northwest Community Foundation, www.foundationnw.org
62 JiJi Foundation, The, www.jiji.org
63 Jones, Herbert B. Foundation, www.hbjfoundation.com
64 Jordan Fund, The, www.jordanfund.org
65 Kawabe, Harry S. Memorial Fund, http://foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/kawabe/
66 Khaki Foundation, www.khakifoundation.org/
67 Kirlin Charitable Foundation, www.kirlinfoundation.org/
68 Kitsap Community Foundation, www.kitsapfoundation.org
69 Kleo Foundation, www.kleofoundation.org
70 Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation, www.kongsgaard-goldman.org
71 Korum For Kids Foundation, www.korum.net
72 Kuni, Wayne D. & Kuni, Joan E. Foundation, www.kunifoundation.org
73 Kuo Family Research Foundation, www.kuofamilyresearchfoundation.org/contact.php
74 Laird Norton Family Foundation, www.lairdnorton.org
75 Lauzier, Paul Foundation, www.lauzier.org
76 Lawrence, Jacob & Gwendolyn Foundation, www.jacobandgwenlawrence.org
77 Lea, Jane Isakson Foundation, thejanefoundation.org
78 Longbrake Family Foundation, The, longbrakefamilyfoundation.org
79 Lucky Seven Foundation, www.fsrequests.com/luckyseven
80 Luke 12:48 Foundation, www.luke1248.org
81 Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation, www.lynnwoodrotary.org
82 Mannix Canby Foundation, www.mannixcanby.org
83 Martin, Charlotte Y. Foundation, The, www.CharlotteMartin.org
84 Massena Foundation, The, www.massenafoundation.org
85 McEachern, D.V. & Ida Charitable Trust, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/mceachern/
86 McMillen, Robert B. Foundation, www.mcmillenfoundation.org
87 Medina Foundation, www.medinafoundation.org
88 Milgard, Gary E. Family Foundation, www.milgardfoundation.org
89 Miller, Hazel Foundation, www.hazelmillerfoundation.org
90 Miller, P & E.C. Charitable Foundation, www.millercharitablefoundation.org
91 Moccasin Lake Foundation, www.moccasinlake.org
92 Morgan Family Foundation, www.fundraisingday.org/handouts/2003/graves4.pdf
93 Moyer Foundation, The, www.moyerfoundation.org
94 Murdock, M.J. Charitable Trust, www.murdock-trust.org
95 Names Family Foundation, namesfoundation.org
96 Nesholm Family Foundation, www.nesholmfamilyfoundation.org
97 Norcliffe Foundation, The, www.thenorcliffefoundation.com/
98 Northwest Children’s Fund, www.nwcf.org
99 Northwest Fund For The Environment, www.nwfund.org
100 OneFamily, www.foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/onefamily/
101 Orcas Island Community Foundation, www.oicf.us
102 PACCAR Foundation, www.paccar.com/company/foundation.asp
103 Parnell Family Foundation, www.ndif.org
104 Pride Foundation, The, www.pridefoundation.org
105 Quixote Foundation, www.quixotefoundation.org
106 Raikes Foundation, www.raikesfoundation.org
107 Raisbeck, James D. & Sherry Foundation, www.raisbeck.com/about/raisbeckfoundation
108 Raven Trust Fund, raventrust.org/
109 Raynier Institute & Foundation, www.raynier.org
110 RealNetworks Foundation, www.realfoundation.org
111 Redman, Mary Foundation, www.mrfoundation.org
112 REI Foundation, The, www.rei.com/stewardship/community/non-profit-partnerships-and-grants.html
113 Renton Community Foundation, www.rentonfoundation.org
114 Riverstyx Foundation, www.riverstyxfoundation.org
115 Russell Family Foundation, The, www.trff.org
116 Safeco Insurance Foundation, www.safeco.com/about-safeco/community/foundation
117 Sahsen Foundation, www.sahsen.org
118 Saint Lukes Foundation, www.stlukesfoundation.org
119 Samis Foundation, www.samis.com/foundation
120 San Juan Island Community Foundation, www.sjicf.org
121 Satterberg Foundation, The, www.satterberg.org
122 Scan Design By Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation, scandesignfoundation.org
123 Seattle Foundation, The, seattlefoundation.org
124 Seattle International Foundation, www.seaif.org
125 Sequoia Foundation, sequoiafound.org
126 Sewell, Grace & Harold Memorial Fund, sewellfund.org
127 Sherwood Trust, www.sherwoodtrust.org
128 Sigourney, Mary S. Award Trust, www.sigourneyaward.org
129 Simonyi, Charles Fund For Arts And Sciences, www.simonyifund.org
130 Singh Family Foundation, www.singhfamilyfoundation.com
131 Skagit Community Foundation, skagitcf.org
132 Slingshot Development Fund, slingshotdf.org/
133 Social Justice Fund Northwest, www.socialjusticefund.org
134 Social Venture Partners, www.svpseattle.org
135 Solem, Ray Foundation, www.raysolemfund.org
136 Starbucks Foundation, www.starbucks.com/responsibility/community/starbucks-foundation
137 Stewardship Foundation, www.stewardshipfdn.org
138 Tacoma Rotary 8 Foundation, www.rotary8.org
139 Tateuchi, Atsuhiko & Ina Goodwin Foundation, The, www.tateuchi.org
140 Thomson, Jean E. Foundation, The, www.jeanethomsonfoundation.org/
141 Three Rivers Community Foundation, www.3rcf.org
142 Voila Foundation, www.voilafoundation.com
143 Washington Research Foundation, www.wrfseattle.org
144 Washington Women In Need, www.wwin.org
145 Washington Women’s Foundation, www.wawomensfoundation.org
146 Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation, www.weyerhaeuser.com/Sustainability/Foundation
147 Whatcom Community Foundation, www.whatcomcf.org
148 Wilburforce Foundation, The, www.wilburforce.org
149 Wilkins, Catherine Foundation, www.fdncenter.org/grantmaker/wilkins/
150 Wissner-Slivka Foundation, www.slivka.org
151 Women’s Funding Alliance, www.wfalliance.org
152 Woodworth Family Foundation, www.woodworthfamilyfoundation.org
153 Yakima Valley Community Foundation, www.yvcf.com

The Washington Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Washington that lists every foundation in Washington AND profiles every grant made by Washington’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!

Other foundations profiled in the Washington Foundation DataBook:

444 S Foundation

Ackerley, Ginger & Barry Foundation

Agnew Family Foundation

Ajax Foundation

Albohn Family Foundation, The

Allchin Foundation

Allen, Paul G. Family Foundation, The

Amstein, Peter Foundation, The

Anders Foundation, The

Anderson Family Foundation, The

Anderson Foundation, The

Anderson, H. E. Family Foundation

Anderson, Paul M. Foundation

Anthony-Maymudes Family Foundation

Apex Foundation

Archibald, Norman Charitable Foundation

Arise Charitable Trust, The


Auerbach, Isaac & Carol Family Foundation

Auld, Patrice & Kevin Foundation

Aven Foundation

Avista Foundation, The

Babare Foundation, The

Babare, George & Dorothy Family Foundation, The

Bacon, John & Debra Family Foundation

Baker Foundation, The

Baker, Robert V. Foundation

Bald, Clara & Art Trust

Bamford Foundation, The

Barrett Family Foundation

Barton Foundation

BAS Family Foundation

Bates Family Foundation

Bayer, Douglas & Maria Foundation

Beardsley Family Foundation Trust

Behnke Foundation, The

Benaroya Foundation

Benaroya, Larry Family Foundation

Betson, Yvonne Maxine Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Bezos Family Foundation

Biel, Fred & Gretel Charitable Trust

Bigelow, Loyal & Dewey, Jededia Foundation, The

Bishop Family Foundation

Bishop Family Foundation, The

Bishop Fleet Foundation

Blakemore Foundation

Block-Leavitt Foundation

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Bobby’s Fund Foundation

Boeing Company Charitable Trust, The

Boeschoten Foundation, The

Bohnett, V. R. & N. V. Memorial Foundation, The

Bottler, Edgar & Elisabeth Charitable Trust

Bowline Fund

Boydston, Robert E. & Adele M. Foundation

Braden, Bonnie Foundation

Braden, Clifford Foundation

Brainerd Foundation, The

Brettler Family Foundation, The

Brookshire-Green Foundation

Bullitt Foundation

Burning Foundation

Bushnell Family Foundation

Cain, James & Grace Foundation

Campion Foundation, The

Cannon, Hugh S. Foundation

Carper, Daniel & Margaret Foundation

Cartales, John A & Helen M Foundation

CGMK Foundation

Channel Foundation

Cheney, Ben B. Foundation

Chensteinomalleysven Foundation

Children Count Foundation

Chou, Sunlin & Priscilla Foundation

Churg, Wolfe & Gita Foundation

Clayton, Laurie Foundation, The

CMR Foundation

Cole, Donna J. & Charles T. Charitable Foundation

Coleman Family Foundation, The

Colson Family Foundation

Columbia Pacific Foundation

Colymbus Foundation

Community Foundation For Southwest Washington

Community Foundation Of North Central Washington

Community Foundation Of South Puget Sound, The

Community Partners

Conners, John & Kathy Foundation

Contorer Foundation

Cooper & Levy Trust

Corder, Loren H. Foundation

Cowles, Harriet Cheney Foundation

Cowles, William H. Foundation

Craves Family Charitable Foundation

Crystal Springs Foundation

Danica Childrens Foundation

Daniel Family Charitable Trust #2

Daniels Family Foundation

Dano, Jarrod Harrison Foundation

Degel, Berwick Family Foundation, The

Dimmer Family Foundation, The

DiPietro, Victor Family Foundation Trust

Discuren Charitable Foundation

Dolsen Foundation I, The

Dore, Fred H. & Mary S. Charitable Foundation

Downey-Short Foundation

Drugstore Com Foundation

Druzianich Family Charitable Trust

Dudley Foundation, The

Duim Family Foundation

Dunietz Minsk Family Foundation

Dupar Foundation

Echo Bay Foundation

Edgebrook Foundation

Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

Egtvedt, Clairmont L & Evelyn S, Charitable Trust

Elizabeth Foundation

Elliott Family Foundation

Ellison, Tom & Sue Foundation

Ephesians 2 10 Foundation

Erickson Family Charitable Foundation

Esary, Mary Garner Charitable Trust

Everard Family Foundation

Evertrust Foundation

Fabert, Martin Foundation

Faith Foundation

Fales Foundation Trust

FAR Family Foundation

Fehsenfeld, F. B. & V. V. Charitable Foundation

Ferguson, Hugh & Jane Foundation, The

Ferris, Joel E. Foundation

Fetterman, I. S. & Emily Foundation, The

Firehole Foundation

Firstenburg Foundation

Flaherty, Tim & Tracy Family Foundation

Fleck Foundation

Fletcher Bay Foundation

Flour Bin Foundation, The

Fordham Street Foundation

Forest Foundation

Fortune Family Foundation, The

Foss, June & Julian Foundation

Foster Foundation, The

Foundation Of Caring Fund

Frank Family Foundation

Frazier Family Foundation

Fries-Tait Foundation

Fuchs, Gottfried & Mary Foundation

Fulton, David & Amy Foundation

Gates, Bill & Melinda Foundation

Geneva Foundation

Gerard Foundation

Giddens, Thomas V. Foundation

Gilpin, Bruce W. Memorial Foundation

Gius Foundation

Glaser Foundation

Glaser Progress Foundation

Glazer, Marsha & Jay Foundation

Good Neighbor Foundation

Goodfellow Fund

Gossett, Myrtle & John Charitable Foundation

Graham, John Foundation, The

Grays Harbor Community Foundation

Greater Everett Community Foundation

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, The

Green, Joshua Foundation, The

Greenstone Foundation

Grobe, Edith Foundation

Grousemont Foundation

Guidry, Mark & Carolyn Foundation

Hall, Benjamin Margaret Foundation

Haller, Albert Foundation, The

Handsel Foundation

Hanlon Foundation

Hansen, Carl M. Foundation

Harder Foundation

Harman, John & Wauna Foundation

Harnish Foundation

Harrington-Schiff Foundation

Harvest Foundation

Haugland, Richard P. Foundation

Hayward Family Foundation

HEED Foundation

Heidner, Marco J. Charitable Trust

Helstrom Foundation, The

Herak Foundation

Herbold Foundation, The

Heritage Valley Foundation

HG Foundation

Hickey, Ray Foundation

Higgins Family Foundation

Hilal Foundation

Horizons Foundation

Horn, Thomas & Martina Foundation

Horrigan Foundation

Horrigan, Mabel Foundation

Hotes, Richard W. Foundation

Howarth Trust

Hubbard Family Foundation

Hughes, John C. & Karyl Kay Foundation, The

Hussey Foundation, The

Hyde Family Foundation

Hyde Foundation, The

Hyder Family Foundation

IFC Foundation

Inland Northwest Community Foundation

Intermec Foundation

Islam Family Foundation

Islands Fund

Jackson, Henry M. Foundation

Jaffe, Bernard M. & Audrey Foundation

Janson Foundation

Ji Ji Foundation

Johnson & Haefling Family Foundation

Johnston-Hanson Foundation

Jones Family Foundation

Jones, Floyd & Delores Foundation

Jones, Herbert B. Foundation

Jordan Fund, The

Jordan, John & Welland, Laura Family Foundation

Junior League Of Seattle

Juniper Foundation

Kaleidoscope Foundation

Kaphan Foundation

Kawabe, Harry S. Memorial Fund

Kawasaki, Glenn H. Foundation

Kellar, Kenneth L. Foundation

Keller Foundation

Kelly Foundation Of Washington

Kelly, Robert & Maria Stewardship

Kelsey, Forest C. & Ruth V. Foundation

Ketcham, Janet Wright Foundation

Keyes Foundation

Khaki Foundation

Killinger, Kerry & Linda Foundation

Kind Heart Free Spirit Foundation

King, Paul L. Charitable Foundation

Kirkpatrick Family Foundation, The

Kirlin Charitable Foundation

Kitsap Community Foundation

Klaue Family Foundation

Kleo Foundation

Koeplin Family Foundation

Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation

Korum For Kids Foundation

Kreielsheimer Remainder Foundation

Kulakala Point Foundation

Kuo Family Research Foundation

Lafromboise, Jean K. Foundation

Laird Norton Family Foundation

Lanterman Foundation, The

Larson Family Charitable Foundation, The

Lassen, Irving A. Foundation

Laurel Foundation

Lauzier, Paul Foundation

Lee Family Foundation

Lematta Foundation

Leslie Fund

Lie, Gunnar & Ruth Foundation, The

Lifeworks Foundation

Little, Willliam & Mary Foundation

Lochland Foundation

Lockwood, Byron W. Alice Foundation

Longbrake Family Foundation, The

Lucky Seven Foundation

Luke 12:48 Foundation

Lund, Alice Lee Charitable

Lynch, Hubert & Mary Foundation

Lynn, Elizabeth A. Foundation, The

MacRae Foundation

Madrona Foundation

Magdalen Foundation, The

Manders, John E. Foundation

Mani Charitable Foundation

Mannix Canby Foundation

Margolis Foundation

Marsh, Peter R. Foundation

Martin Family Foundation, The

Martin, Charlotte Y. Foundation, The

Massena Foundation, The

Mattaini Family Foundation

McCaw, Craig & Susan Foundation

McCaw, Keith & Mary Kay Family Foundation

McClelland, John M., Senior Foundation

McDanel Land Foundation

McEachern, D.V. & Ida Charitable Trust

McIntyre, M.J. & Shirley Charitable Foundation

Mckinlay, David Trust

McMillan Family Foundation Trust

McMillen, Robert B. Foundation

McPherson, Elisabeth A. Award For Women Writers

Meadowdale Foundation

Medina Foundation

Microsoft Charitable Trust

Milgard, Gary E. Family Foundation

Miller, P & E.C. Charitable Foundation

Moccasin Lake Foundation

Mohit Blachford Family Foundation, The

Moraine Foundation, The

Morgan Family Foundation

Morningside Foundation

Morris Foundation, The

Moss Adams Foundation

Moyer Foundation, The

Muglia, Laura Ellen & Robert Family Foundation

Murdock, M.J. Charitable Trust

Murphy, William O. Foundation

Murray Foundation

Names Family Foundation

Natan Foundation

Negrin Foundation

Nehemiah Ventures

Nelson, Roy & Leona Foundation

Nesholm Family Foundation

Neukom Family Foundation

Newman Family Foundation

Niblock Charitable Trust

Norcliffe Foundation, The

Nordstrom-Seifert Family Foundation

Northwest Children’s Fund

Northwest Fund For The Environment

November Thanksgiving Foundation

Nysether Family Foundation, The

O’Donnell Family Charitable Foundation

Oak Creek Foundation

Ohno, Ignatius Foundation

Oki Foundation, The


Orcas Bay Foundation

Orcas Island Community Foundation

Ordinary People Foundation

Orinoco Foundation

Orrico Foundation

Osberg Family Trust, The

PACCAR Foundation

PAH Foundation

Parnell Family Foundation

Peach Foundation

PEMCO Foundation

Pendleton, James B. Trust

Perrow Foundation

Peterson Family Foundation

Picsha Foundation, The

Pierce Charitable Trust

Pink Lite Foundation

Pinkerton Foundation

Polack Foundation, The

Praise For Today Foundation

Pride Foundation, The


Pruzan Foundation

Quest For Truth Foundation

Quiet Group

Quixote Foundation

Raikes Family Foundation

Rainier Pacific Foundation

Raisbeck, James D. & Sherry Foundation

Raven Trust Fund

Razore Foundation

Razore, W. Family Foundation

RealNetworks Foundation

REI Foundation, The

Remala, Satya & Rao Foundation

Renton Community Foundation

Rider, Frank Trust

Riverstyx Foundation

Rogel Foundation, The

Rolfe, Lee & Stuart Family Foundation

Roma Charitable Foundation

Roselo Foundation

Rosenberg, Todd & Donna Foundation

Rotella, Robert P. Foundation, The

Russell Family Foundation, The

Sabol, John & Nancy Foundation, The

Safeco Insurance Foundation

Sage Foundation

Saint Lukes Foundation

Samis Foundation

San Juan Island Community Foundation

Sarkowsky, Herman & Fay Charitable Foundation

Satterberg Foundation, The

Scan Design By Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation

Schaar, S.B. & Whelpton, P.K. Foundation

Schlanger, S. C. & I. R. Charitable Foundation

Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation, The

Schuler Family Foundation

Schultz Family Foundation

Seattle Foundation, The

See, Charles Foundation, The

Sepic Family Foundation, The

Sequoia Foundation

Sewell, Grace & Harold Memorial Fund

Shemanski, Tillie & Alfred Testamentary Trust


Shepherd, Harold & Helen Foundation

Sherwood Trust

Shirley, John And Mary Foundation, The

Shrontz Family Foundation Trust

Shulman, Alex Family Foundation

Shulman-Loeb Family Foundation

Sigourney, Mary S. Award Trust

Simon, Isador Family Foundation

Simonyi, Charles Fund For Arts And Sciences

Sinegal Family Foundation

Skaggs, Charles & Maxine Foundation

Skagit Community Foundation

Sleeping Lady Foundation

Sloan Foundation

Smith, Lester M. Foundation

Smith, Orin Family Foundation

Social Justice Fund Northwest

Social Venture Partners

Solem, Ray Foundation

Sondland, Gordon D. & Druant, Katherine J. Foundation

Spitzer Foundation

Stanger, Greg & Lisa Charitable Foundation

Starbucks Foundation

Starfire Flower Foundation

Stars Foundation Of Thurston County, The

Stearns, Frederick Charitable Foundation

Stevens Family Foundation

Stevenson, Mary Hoyt Foundation

Stewardship Foundation

Stroum Family Foundation, The

Stubblefield, Estate Of Joseph

Summit Family Foundation Trust

Suskin Foundation

Tacoma Rotary 8 Foundation

Tamaki Foundation, The

Taproot Foundation

Tateuchi, Atsuhiko & Ina Goodwin Foundation, The

Taucher Family Foundation

Teel Charitable Foundation

Temcov Foundation

Templin Foundation, The

Tennant, John J. & Lois A. Foundation

TEW Foundation

Thomson, Jean E. Foundation, The

Three Rivers Community Foundation

Thurston Charitable Foundation

Titcomb Foundation

Titus-Will Families Foundation

Tomlinson, Cynthia B. Foundation, The

Torrance, Mark Foundation

Tree By The River Foundation

True, Lawrence And Brown, Linda Foundation

Tudor Foundation

Ueland Foundation

Vancouver Methodist Foundation

Vashee, Vijay & Sita Foundation, The

Walkling, Ben & Myrtle Memorial Trust

Ward, Zeneth F. & Lanetta S. Foundation

Warren, Robert C. & Nani Foundation, The

Washington Research Foundation

Washington Women’s Foundation

Welch, George T. Testamentary Trust

Wellworth Foundation

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation

Whatcom Community Foundation

Wheeler Charitable Trust

Whitaker Foundation

White, Ted & Marie Memorial Foundation

Whitney, Howard S. Foundation

Wiancko Charitable Foundation

Wilburforce Foundation, The

Wilkins, Catherine Foundation

Williams, Everett O. Foundation

Wilson, George A. & Marion M. Foundation

Winans, Yancy P. Trust

Wissner-Slivka Foundation

Wockner Foundation

Women’s Funding Alliance

Worthington, Richard & Lois Foundation

Wright, Bagley Family Fund

Wright, Thomas C. Foundation

Wyman Youth Trust

Yakima Valley Community Foundation

Young, Peg & Rick Foundation

Yuksel, Fikret Foundation

Zahl, Herbert M. Foundation