OK Foundation Links and Other Resources

Oklahoma foundation links & other resources:
Tom S. & Marye Kate Aldridge Trust / robert@tmkaf.org 
Bartlesville Community Foundation
Grace & Franklin Bernsen Foundation / info@bernsen.org 
Communities Foundation Of Oklahoma / sgraves@cfok.org
Cuesta Foundation
Enid Community Foundation For Excellence
Ethics & Excellence In Journalism Foundation / nancy.woodson@journalismfoundation.org
Lyle M. Gelvin Foundation / tstarr@gelvinfoundation.org
Harmon, Pearl M. & Julia J. Foundation
Inasmuch Foundation 
Kerr Center For Sustainable Agriculture 
Kerr Foundation / aholz@thekerrfoundation.org
Leaf Collectors Foundation / info@leafcollectors.org
J. E. & L. E. Mabee Foundation 
Masonic Charity Foundation Of Oklahoma / mcfok@sbcglobal.net
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation 
Oklahoma City Community Foundation / info@occf.org 
Oxley Foundation
Presbyterian Health Foundation / mkizer@phfokc.com
Sarkeys Foundation / annway@sarkeys.org 
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation / ahughes@schusterman.org
Tulsa Community Foundation / Info@TulsaCF.org
Westby, Kathleen Patton Foundation
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
Grantmakers Of Oklahoma
The Oklahoma Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Oklahoma that lists every foundation in Oklahoma AND profiles every grant made by Oklahoma’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the Oklahoma Foundation DataBook:
Ad Astra Foundation
Adams Foundation
Adams, Judith & Jean Charitable Foundation
Adams, K. S. Foundation
Aldridge, Tom S. & Marye Kate Charitable & Educational Trust
American Fidelity Corporation Founders Fund
Anait Foundation
Anthony, Bob & Nancy Family … Fund
Ashbrook, Mary K. Foundation For El Reno OK
Atherton, William S & Ann Foundation
Avery Family Trust
Bailey, Larkin Foundation
Bank Of Oklahoma Foundation
Barnes, James E. & Mary M. Foundation
Barnett Family Foundation
Barthelmes Foundation
Barthelmes, Albert & Hete Foundation
Bartlesville Community Foundation
Bartlett, Hu & Eva Maud Foundation
Bass, Clark & Wanda Family Foundation
Beatty, Cordelia Lunceford Trust
Bernsen, Grace & Franklin Foundation
Better Days Foundation
Bezalel Foundation
Bilby Foundation
Bilby, Margaret Vivian Foundation
Bird, Margery Mayo Foundation
Bliss, Roy L. Family Foundation
Boulton Foundation
Bovaird, Mervin Foundation
Bowers, Robert S. & Eloise C. Foundation
Boyle, Philip Charitable Foundation
Brannin, Dan E. & Neva L. Brannin Foundation
Broadhurst Foundation
Brock Family Community Foundation
Brock, John & Donnie Foundation
Broken Arrow Medical Center Foundation
Brown Foundation
Brown, Faye Allene Rife Foundation
Brown, Harry & Louise Foundation
Brown, James R. Private Foundation
Browne, Mr & Mrs Henry W. Foundation
Burbridge Foundation
Burnstein, Sanford P. & Irene F. Charitable Foundation
Burrow, C. H. & Clara Trust B 1
Burton, Cecil & Virgie Foundation
Campbell-Lepley-Hunt Foundation
Carson Foundation (Sapulpa)
Central Catholic Trust
Champlin, H. H. Foundation
Chapman, H. A. & Mary K. Charitable Trust
Chapman, Mary K. Foundation
Charles Machine Works Charitable Trust Agreement
Clements Foods Foundation
Collins, Fulton & Susie Foundation
Collins, George & Jennie Foundation
Collins, George Fulton Jr. Foundation
Commonwealth Foundation
Communities Foundation Of Oklahoma
Community Foundation Of Ardmore
Conklin Family Foundation
Corkle, George & Mary Charitable Foundation
Craft, Joseph W. III Foundation
Craig Foundation
Craig, Cleo L. Foundation
Crawley Family Foundation
Crow Creek Foundation
Cuesta Foundation
Darden Family Charitable Foundation
Davis, William E. & Margaret H. Davis Family Fund Of OCCF
Dill Foundation
Dotson Family Charitable Foundation
Dream Center Of The Heartland
Eagles Wings Foundation
Eddie Foundation
Enid Community Foundation For Excellence
Ethics & Excellence In Journalism Foundation
Everest, Jean I. Foundation
Fields, Laura Trust
Filstrup Foundation
Flint, Charles W. & Pauline Foundation
Founders & Associates
Fowlkes, Ovid E. & Leona G. Fowlkes Foundation Trust
Frank Family Foundation
French Family Charitable Foundation
Gaylord, E. L. & Thelma Foundation
Gelvin, Lyle M. Foundation
Goddard, Charles B. Foundation Trust
Grace Living Centers Foundation
Gussman, Herbert & Roseline Foundation Trust
Guterman, Harry & Ursula Foundation
Harmon, Pearl M. & Julia J. Foundation
Harris Foundation
Hasbrouck, Lorene Cooper Charitable Trust
Hathcoat, Harold & Hazel Charitable Trust
Helmerich Foundation
Helmerich Trust
Hesed Foundation
Hille Family Charitable Foundation
Holliday, Helen W. Foundation
Holliman, Joe & Jean Family Foundation
Holliman, John & Claudia Aff. Fund Of OCCF
Howard Foundation
Hull, Joseph L. Jr. Family Foundation
Hulme, Tommie Lee Foundation
Inasmuch Foundation
Jackson, Daisy B. Charitable Trust
Jirous, M. D. Foundation
Johnson, Amos L. Charitable Trust
Jones, Fred & Mary Eddy Foundation
Jones, Jenkin Lloyd & Ana Maria Lloyd Jones Foundation
Jones, Montfort & Allie Brown Jones Foundation
Jones, W. J. Family Foundation
Joullian Foundation
Kaiser, Betty E. & George B. Foundation
Kaiser, George Family Foundation
Kaiser, Herman Foundation
Karchmer, Aaron & Gertrude Memorial Foundation
Keen, Loris & Pauline Charitable Trust
Kerr Center For Sustainable Agriculture
Kerr Foundation
Kerr-McGee Foundation Corporation
Kimmell Family Foundation
Kirkpatrick Family Affiliated Fund Of OCCF
Kirkpatrick Foundation
Krueger Charitable Foundation
Lawton Community Foundation Aff Fund Of OCCF
Leaf Collectors Foundation
Lemon Family Foundation
Livermore Foundation
Lobeck-Marks, Lee M. Foundation
Lobeck-Taylor Foundation
Lolmaugh, Robert C. & Mary E. Trust Foundation
Love Family Affiliated Fund Of OCCF
LoVoi, P. Vincent & Sally S. Family Foundation
Lyon Foundation
Mabee, J. E. & L. E. Foundation
Mackensen Trust
Macklanburg-Hulsey Foundation
Malzahn Family Affiliated Fund Of OCCF
Marshall, John W. & Jerry E. Marshall Foundation
Martin, Benjamin & Laura Parish Memorial Foundation
Masonic Charity Foundation Of Oklahoma
Massey Family Foundation
Maxwell Family Charitable Foundation
Mayo, Ruth & Allen Charitable Foundation
McCasland Foundation
McClean, Mary Gaylord Foundation
McCrory, J. Lyndall, Robert Fulton McCrory & Montie Ray McCrory Foundation
McGee Foundation
McGill, Ralph & Frances Foundation
McGowan Family Foundation
McMahon Foundation
McPherson Family Foundation
Meinders Foundation
Meinig Family Foundation
Merkel Family Foundation
Merrick Foundation
Milburn, Paul M. Foundation
Miller, Jerome B. Family Foundation
Mobley, Douglas L. Foundation
Moran Family Foundation
Morgan, Dave Foundation
Morton, Charles Share Trust
Nelson, Ruth Kaiser Family Foundation
Neuwald, Renee F. Foundation
Nix Foundation
Noble, Samuel Roberts Foundation
Norick, James H. & Madalynne Foundation
Norman Community Foundation
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company Foundation
Oklahoman Foundation
Oliver Foundation
Olson Family Foundation
Oneok Foundation
Ownby, Virginia Mayo Charitable
Oxley Foundation
Page, Lucille Testamentary Charitable Trust
Parks, Frank Foundation
Parman, Robert A. Foundation
Patterson Family Foundation
Payne, W. C. Foundation
Peel, Glenn W. Foundation
Peel, Madalynne L. Foundation
Peterson, Lucille & Harrold Foundation
Potts Family Foundation
Presbyterian Health Foundation
Price, Linda Mitchell Charitable Foundation
Puterbaugh Foundation
Rapp, Robert Glenn Foundation
Records-Johnston Family Foundation
Rhoades, Sam J. & Nona M. Foundation
Richards, C. L. Foundation
Richardson, A. E. & Jaunita Charitable Foundation
Robinowitz, Sol Foundation
Robinowitz-Brodsky Charitable Foundation
Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation
Saied Family Foundation
Sarkeys Foundation
Schmoldt Foundation For Education
Schusterman, Charles & Lynn Family Foundation
Schusterman, Dan & Gloria Foundation
Shaw, Abby Tarr – Glenn C. Foundation
Silas Foundation
Simmons Charitable Foundation Of Oklahoma
Singer, Janice & Joe L. Family Aff Fund Of OCCf
Singer, Morris & Libby Foundation
Sisk, Paul L. & Helen Charitable Trust
Smart, Jearl Foundation
Smith, Robinet Foundation
Sneed Foundation
Snow, Ruthanna B. Charitable Foundation
Southern Hills Country Club Charitable Foundation
Southern Oklahoma Memorial Foundation
Southwestern Urban Foundation
Spinks, Verda Pearl Irrevocable Trust
Stephenson Family Foundation
Stevens, Jess L. & Miriam B. Foundation
Stuart, Harold C. Foundation
Sullivan Charitable Trust
Sylvan, Dave & Barbara Foundation
Tandy, A. R. & Marylouise Foundation
Taubman, Herman P. & Sophia Foundation
Temple, David E. & Cassie L. Foundation
Tepe, Elmer Lone Wolf Foundation
Teubner Foundation
Thompson, Nelle & Milt Foundation
Titus, C. W. Foundation
Todd Family Charitable Foundation
Treeman Family Foundation
Trippet, Robert S. & Helen Grey Foundation
Tulsa Christian Foundation
Tulsa Community Foundation
Valentine Charitable Trust
Viersen, Sam Family Foundation
Vose Foundation
Voskuhl-Staab Charitable Foundation
Warren Charite
Warren, William K. Foundation
Waters Charitable Foundation
Watson Family Foundation
Watson, Emitom Foundation
Weeks, Margaret S. & Marie S. Smith Trust
Wegener, Herman & Mary Foundation
Welch Family Foundation
Westby, Kathleen Patton Foundation
Westheimer, Jerome
White, Stanley Foundation
Will Foundation
Williams Companies Foundaton
Williams, M. V. Foundation
Willis, Sid & Jane Foundation
Wright, Logan Foundation
Yaffe, Steve Charitable Fund
Young Family Foundation
Zandbergen, Case & Elfreda Charitable Foundation
Zarrow Families Foundation
Zarrow, Anne & Henry Foundation
Zarrow, Maxine & Jack Family Foundation
Zee, Jay Foundation
Zink, John Steele Foundation