NV Foundation Links and Other Resources

Nevada foundation links & other resources:
The Nevada Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Nevada that lists every foundation in Nevada AND profiles every grant made by Nevada’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Parasol Foundation
Nevada Community Foundation
Moody, Ernest W. Charitable Foundation
Leonette Foundation
Hilton, Conrad N. Foundation
Reynolds, Donald W. Foundation
Community Foundation Of Western Nevada
Harris, William H. & Mattie Wattis Foundation
Other foundations profiled in the Nevada Foundation DataBook
Anderson Foundation
Ballew, Alta Charitable Trust
Banks, Robert R. Foundation
Benna, Edna B. & Bruno Foundation
Bennett Foundation
Bing Fund
Bing Fund Corp
Bishop, Constance H. Foundation
Blue Oak Charitable Fund
Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards Foundation
Borini, Mario P. & Bianca C. Foundation
Boyd Family Foundation, The
Boyd Foundation, The
Boyer, Harold L. Charitable Foundation
Bremer, Mary Foundation
Bretzlaff Foundation
Brown, Harold Foundation
Buck, Carol Franc Foundation
Builders Association Charity
Caesars Entertainment Foundation
Capurro, Louis J. & Genevieve G. Foundation
Carnes Investment Foundation
Chartrand Foundation
Chesed Foundation
Children’s Growth Foundation
Clark, James H. Charitable Foundation
Close, Helen Charitable Foundation
Cord, E. L. Foundation
Cordelia Corp
Crebs Family Foudnation, The
Crescere Foundation
Crowley, Marie Foundation
D’Augustine Foundation
Daiss, Jane T. & Robert M. Family Foundation
Darling, Amanda & Stacy Memorial Foundation
David, Nathan & Violet Foundation
Davidson Foundation
De Sio, Anthony W. & Delores J. Foundation
DiRienzo Foundation
Dyson & Dyson Charitable Foundation
Engelstad Family Foundation
Fairweather Foundation
Fertitta, Frank & Victoria Foundation
Fiduciary Foundation, The
Ford, James Joseph Foundation
Fuller Family Foundation
Gabelli Foundation
Gaughan, Jackie & Bertie
Geomar Foundation
Getty Family Foundation
Giancola Family Foundation
Gilcrease Orchard Foundation
Greenspun Family Foundation
Guild, Clark J. Foundation
Hawkins, Robert Z, Foundation
Herbster Foundation
Hopping, Charles & Ruth Charitable Foundation
Houssels Family Foundation Corporation
Hudson, Don Foundation
Hudson, Leonard & Eustelle Charitable Trust
Jacobs Foundation, The
Jaquish & Kenninger Foundation
Johnson, Tom & Donna Foundation, The
Josephs Foundation
Kaneta Charitable Foundation
Ken Foundation
Keyser, Robert S. & Dorothy J. Keyser Foundation
Konen, Erin Memorial Fund
Krump, Ron & Susan Foundation
Lamb, Marybeth M. Foundation
Laub Foundation
Lee, Robert M. Foundation
Lied Foundation Trust
Life Is Precious Foundation
Lifestyle Homes Foundation
Lodge, Jerry Charitable Foundation
Love Foundation For American Music, Entertainment & Art
Lynch, Thoms D. Family Foundation
Maddux Foundation
Mallory Foundation
Mathewson, Charles N. Foundation
May, Wilbur Foundation
McCarthy, Kathleen & Michael Foundation
McIntosh, Leonard H. Foundation
McLarry, Sean C. Foundation
Meyer, Paul E. & Helen S. Foundation
MGM Mirage Voice Foundation
Mihaylo, Steven & Lois Foundation, The
Moore, Robert T. & Margaret C. Memorial Trust
Morris Family Fund
Nauman, John & Grace Foundation
Nevada Science Foundation
Newman, L. M. Family Foundation
Oakmead Foundation
Obannon, Michael A. Foundation
Parkinson Family Charitable Foundation
Parks Education Foundation
Parks Foundation
Pennington, William N. & Myriam Foundation
Peterson, Dion Foundation
Polis Charitable Foundation
Pretti Foundation
Prim, Wayne L. Foundation
Redfield, Neil J. Foundation
Roberts Family Foundation
Rochlin, Abraham & Sonia Foundation
Rude, Raymond C. Foundation, The
Rufty, Archibald C. & Frances R. Foundation
Saltz, Colette & Sidney Foundation
Sanderson Family Foundation
Scholz Family Foundation
Schultz, Arthur B. Foundation
SFO Foundation
Shaheen, David & Linda Foundation
Shirley Family Charitable Foundation
Siegel, Marshall & Elaine Family Foundation
Sierra Pacific Resources Charitable Foundation
Simon, David L. Foundation
Smith, Harris E. Trust
Smith, Morris S. Foundation
Solomon Foundation
Soriano, Danilo Family Foundation
Southern Highlands Golf Club Charitable Foundation
Southwest Gas Corporation Foundation
Stern Family Of Nevada Foundation
Stout, Charles H. Foundation
Sullivan & Taylor Family Foundation
Sweig, Michael Foundation
Sycamore Fund
Tam, Richard Foundation
Tang, Chung Ying Foundation
Tang, Donald & Jean Family Foundation
Thompson, Marion G. Charitable Trust
Tiberti Family Foundation, The
Timken-Sturgis Foundation
Tuscany Research Institute
Tyler, Tina & Galvin Family Foundation
Ullmann Family Foundation
Vandevoort Family Foundation
Von Tobel, Ed & Mary Foundation
Wawona Foundation
Webb Family Foundation
Wells, Terry Lee Foundation
Wendys Of Montana Foundation
West Star Foundation
Whittemore Family Foundation
Wiegand, E. L. Foundation
Williams Foundation, The
Wolzinger Family Foundation, The
Wood, Paul & Pamela Foundation
Wynn, Stephen A. & Elaine P. Foundation
Young, Sam D. Family Foundation
Zimmerman, Joan Goodman Family Foundation