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Armstrong Mcdonald Foundation /
Cooper Foundation /
EducationQuest Foundation /
Fremont Area Community Foundation /
Grand Island Community Foundation /
Kearney Area Community Foundation /
Lexington Community Foundation
Lincoln Community Foundation /
Merrick Foundation /
Midnet /
Nebraska Community Foundation /
Omaha Community Foundation
Omaha Community Foundation Donor Directed Depository /
Oregon Trail Community Foundation /
Phelps County Community Foundation
Union Pacific Foundation /
Woods Charitable Fund /

The Nebraska Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Nebraska that lists every foundation in Nebraska AND profiles every grant made by Nebraska’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the Nebraska Foundation DataBook:
Abbott, Ethel S. Charitable Foundation
Abel Foundation
Acklie Charitable Foundation
America First Foundation
American Charitable Foundation
Ameritas Charitable Foundation
Amis, Rufus T. & Carolyn Jr. Charitable Foundation
Andres, Leonard L. Trust
Arkoosh, Fred G., Jr. Foundation
Armstrong Mcdonald Foundation
Arneson Charitable Foundation
Aspegren, Hugo A. & Thelma Charitable Trust
Baade, Eric A. & Mary C. Baade Charitable Trust
Baer, Alan & Marcia Foundation
Baldwin, Theodore G. Foundation
Baltes, Laurence & Lydia Charitable Trust B
Baltes, Laurence & Lydia Charitable Trust A
Baright, Hollis & Helen Foundation
Barklage, Oliver & Ferrol Foundation
Becker Family Foundation
Bekins Foundation
Bettenhausen Family Foundation
Beyer, Arthur E. & Josephine Campbell Foundation
Black, Benjamin A. Charitable Trust For Children
Blum, Victor E. & Rosa M. Foundation
Blumkin, Rose Foundation
Borchert Family Foundation
Bowsher-Booher Foundation
Brand-Boeshaar Foundation
Breslow Foundation Inc
Brodersen, Carl Riley Charitable Trust
Buckley, Thomas D. Trust
Buffett Foundation
Buffett, Susan A. Foundation
Cabela Family Foundation
Campbell Family Foundation
Carroll, Florence V. Charitable Trust
Cate, Sydney L. Foundation
Cimpl, Donald A. & Joan M. Foundation
Clarkson, Bishop Episcopal Foundation
Claussen, Earl & Maxine Trust
Coffee, Bill & Virginia Family Foundation
Colfax Foundation
Commerical Federal Charitable Foundation
ConAgra Foods Feeding Children Better Foundation
ConAgra Foundation
Cooper Foundation
Cope, Ron & Carol Charitable Fund
Cope, Ron & Carol Foundation
Cornerstone Foundation
Creigh Family Foundation
CTKL Foundation
Daugherty, Robert B. Foundation
Davis, Elaine Lathrop Charitable Trust
Davis, William E. & Rose Marie Foundation
Day, Eugene C. & Lenore K Day Foundation Trust
Dennis, R. Joe Foundation
deStwolinski Family Foundation
Dillon Foundation
Dinklage, Louis & Abby Faye Foundation
Dinsdale, John A. & Gretchen Charitable Foundation
Dixon Family Foundation
Domi Foundation
Dowd, Leo J. Foundation
Dunklau, Rupert Foundation
Durham Foundation
Durham Foundation I
Durham, Margre & Charles Foundation II
Durham, Margre & Charles Foundation III
Durham, Margre & Charles Foundation IV
Eagle Foundation
EducationQuest Foundation
Eighmy, M. Foundation
Eihusen, Virgil Foundation
Farr, Frank M. & Alice M. Trust
Feldhaus Family Foundation
Fink, Bernard & Margaret Foundation
Four For Him Foundation
Fremont Area Community Foundation
Friedland Family Foundation
Friedman, Ike & Roz Foundation
Fulk Family Foundation
FVB Foundation
Gallagher Foundation
Gardner Foundation
Genesis Foundation
Gerdes, Pamela K. Watanabe-Gerdes & Kyle E. Charitable Foundation.
GFH & SAH Foundation
Gifford Foundation
Giger, Paul & Oscar Foundation
Gilbert, Ann & Mary Charitable Trust
Ginder, Clyde O. Memorial Foundation
Global Quest Foundation
Goldstein, Herbert Trust
Gombert Family Foundation Trust
Gordman, Dan Fund
Graff Charitable Foundation
Grand Island Community Foundation
Grewcock, Bill & Berniece Foundation
Grewcock, Bruce E. & Debra K. Foundation
Gross Family Foundation
Gupta, Vinod Family Foundation
Guynn, Floyd A. & Frieda S. Foundation
H E L P Foundation Of Omaha
Hahn, Fred & Ruth Foundation
Hamilton Community Foundation
Hansen, Albert G. & Bernice F. Charitable Foundation
Harper Family Foundation
Harris, Robert & Marilyn Charitable Foundation
Harris, Ron & Chris Charitable Foundation
Hastings Community Foundation
Hawkins Charitable Trust
Hawks Foundation
Hedwig, Ann Charitable Foundation
Heider, Charles & Mary Family Foundation
Heuermann Family Charitable Trust
Heuermann, Bernard K. & Norma F. Foundation
Hevelone Foundation
Hickey Family Foundation
Hirschfeld Family Foundation
Hitchcock, Gilbert M. & Martha H. Foundation
Holland Foundation
Holthus Foundation
Hosman, Dale & Patsy Family Foundation
Hubbard, Theodore F. & Claire M. Family Foundation
Hubbell-Waterman Foundation
Hutzell Foundation
Imperial Foundation
James, Lawrence R. & Jeannette Foundation
Jaros Family Foundation
Johnson, Marie E. Resuduary Trust
Julian, Robert & Carole Foundation
Kalvelage, Richard Gift Trust
Kaslow Charitable Trust
Kawasaki Good Times Foundation
Kearney Area Community Foundation
Kearney County Community Foundation
Keene, Hazel R. Trust
Key, Walter W. & Frances M. Charitable Foundation
Killian Charitable Trust
Kim Foundation
Kimmel, Richard P. & Laurine Kimmel Charitable Foundation
Kind World Foundation
Koch, Lisa & Dan Foundation
Komarek Charitable Trust
Kropp Charitable Foundation
Kubly Family Foundation
Kutak, Robert J. Foundation
Landen Foundation
Lauritzen, John & Elizabeth Foundation
Lexington Community Foundation
Lienemann Charitable Foundation Inc
Lincoln Foundation
Lincoln, Edward Mosby Foundation
Livingston, Milton S. & Corinne N. Foundation
Lozier Foundation
Lute Family Foundation
Lynch Family Foundation
Lyons Community Foundation
MacKenzie Foundation
Madison Foundation
Malek, Irene & Joseph Charitable Trust
Mammel Family Foundation
Maschka Family Foundation
Masek Foundation
Mather, Myrl S. & Bessie Evans Foundation
McGrath North Mullin & Kratz Foundation
McKissick Family Foundation
McMillen, Harold & Rachel Foundation
Merrick Foundation
Mid Nebraska Community Foundation
Midlands Community Foundation
Miller Foundation
Milton, Robert & Clara Charitable Trust Fdn
Morrison Roberts Foundation
Muchemore, G. Robert Foundation
Murphy, Dennis & Ellin Foundation
Myers Charitable Trust
Nebraska Community Foundation
Nelson, Karl H. & Wealtha H. Foundation
Newman, Murray H. & Sharon C. Foundation
Noddle, Harlan J. & Nancy F. Family Foundation
Normil Foundation
Oare, Robert L. Jr. Charitable Foundation
Olson, Leland J. & Dorothy H. Charitable Fountation
Olsson Foundation
Omaha Community Foundation
Omaha Community Foundation Donor Directed Depository
Omaha World Herald Foundation
Oregon Trail Community Foundation
Parker Family Foundation
Patrick, William R. Foundation
Paul, Harry L. Trust
Pegler Family Foundation
Perkins, Kitty M. Foundation
Phelps County Community Foundation
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company Foundation
Porter, William L. & Anne K. Foundation
Pratt-Heins Foundation
Prescott, Jana E. Charitable Foundation
Quivey-Bay State Foundation
Reynolds, Edgar Foundation
Riley, Doug Family Foundation
Rogers Foundation
Romylik Foundation
Ross, Roland & Dorothy Trust
Rubendall, Elizabeth Trust
Ryan Foundation
Sandman Family Foundation
Schaefer, Edward & Hildegarde H. Foundation
Schlichtemeier, Clara Charitable Fund
Schrager, Phillip & Terri Foundation
Scott, Amy L. Family Foundation
Scott, David Foundation
Scott, William & Ruth Family Foundation
Scribante, AJ & Lynda Charitable Foundation
Scribante, Marguerite A. Foundation
Seacrest, Mark T. & Margaret Lowe
Seemann Family Foundation
Seyfert, Agnes L. Foundation
Sherrard, Bill & Susan Foundation
Shickley Community Foundation
Shoemaker Family Foundation
Silver Foundation
Simon, Manota E. Foundation
Simon, Todd Foundation
Slosburg Family Charitable Trust
Smith Family Benevolent Fund
Smith, Arthur W. & Audrey Smith Foundation
Smock, Frank & Laura Foundation
Soener Foundation
Sonderup, Fred J. & Nora H. Trust
Spirit Foundation
Spotts Trust
St. Anthony Foundation
Steinhart Foundation
Stewart, Nellie C. Charitable Foundation
Story, C. A. Foundation
Storz, Robert Herman Foundation
Stream, Florence Foundation
Stream, Harold O. Charitable Trust
Struve, Harold W. & Lois D. Foundation
Stuart Foundation
Stuart, James III Family Foundation
Stuart, James Jr. Foundation
Stuart, Lee Rankin Family Foundation
Sundheimer, Leah M. Foundation
Sunshine Foundation Trust
Swanson, Carl & Caroline Foundation
Swanson, Dorothy E. Charitable Trust
Swanson, Gilbert C. Foundation
Swanson, Gretchen Family Foundation
T-L Foundation
Taylor, Vern & Esther Charitable Trust
TierOne Charitable Foundation
Tous, Mary F. Charitable Foundation
Truhlsen, Stanley M. Family Foundation
Twyman, Harvey & Arlone Memorial Tr Foundation
Union Pacific Foundation
Valmont Foundation
Van Hoe , GeorgeCharitable Trust
Van Metre Foundation
Vrana Family Foundation
Waldbaum, Milton G. Family Foundation
Walker, Lester A. Foundation
Watanabe, Terry K. Charitable Trust
Watley Family Charitable Foundation
Watt Foundation
Weaver, Anne Thorne Family Foundation
Webster Family Foundation
Weitz Family Foundation
West Point Community Foundation
Weston, Herbert T. Jr. & Marian S. Weston Foundation
Whitmore Charitable Trust
Wiebe Charitable Foundation
Wiesman, Benjamin & Anna E. Family Foundation
Wikert Family Foundation
Wilson, Charles W. & Norma J. Wilson Foundation
Wilson, Robert D. Foundation
Wirth, Paul, John, Anton & Doris Foundation
Wolf Foundation
Woods Charitable Fund
Woollam, J. A. Foundation
Wortman Family Charitable Trust
Wu, Ying Fan Foundation
York Community Foundation
Yount, C. W. Foundation
Zander Charitable Trust 10698900
Zollner Foundation Trust