KY Foundation Links and Other Resources

Kentucky foundation links & other resources:
The Kentucky Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Kentucky that lists every foundation in Kentucky AND profiles every grant made by Kentucky’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the Kentucky Foundation DataBook:
Abercrombie Foundation
Ahrens Family Foundation
Anderson, Sidney Foundation
Bailey Family Trust
Baker, Jerry E. Foundation
Baker-Geary Memorial Fund
Bardin, Michael T. Charitable Trust
Barr Foundation
Barth, William E. Foundation
Bavarian Foundation
Beauregard Foundation
Berta Family Foundation
Blue Foundation
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Bohn Foundation
Boone, Alex Charitable Foundation
Boone, Hilary Foundation
Borders Family Foundation
Bowling Green-Warren County Community Foundation
Brain, Frances Hollis Foundation
Brown, James Graham Foundation
Brown, Norman L. & Elizabeth S. Family Charitable Corporation
Brown, Owsley Charitable Foundation
Brown, W. L. Lyons Foundation
Brown, W. L. Lyons Jr. Charitable Foundation
Bryant Foundation
C E & S Foundation
Caldwell, J. B. Memorial Fund
Caller Family Charitable Foundation
Capricorn Foundation Charitable Trust
Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation
Chase Family Foundation
Christian Word Ministries
Churchill Downs Foundation
Coffey, Larry R. Charitable Trust
Colonels Kids
Commercial Bank Foundation
Community Foundatio Of Louisville Depository
Community Foundation Of Louisville
Community Foundation Of Louisville Corporate Depository
Community Foundation Of West Kentucky
Cooke, V. V. Foundation Corporation
Copia Foundation
Courtenay Foundation
Covington Foundation
Cralle Foundation
Creech Family Foundation
Crutcher Family Foundation
Cunningham, Shirley A. Jr. Family Foundation
Daniel Family Foundation
Dant, John W. & Barbara A. Chr. Fdn.
Diebold, Margaret E. & Stephen E. Charitable Foundation
Doligale Family Charitable Foundaton
Donohoe Family Charitable Foundation
Dunbar Foundation
Dunbar, Evan T. J. Neuroblastoma Foundation
Durr, R. C. Foundation
E. On U.S. Foundation
Eckstein, Ray & Kathryn Charitable Trust
Empowerment Foundation
Etscorn, Irvin F. & Alice S. Charitable Foundation
Evans, R & R Foundation
Ferre, Joseph C. Charitable Trust
Fischer Family Foundation
Ford, Gordon Foundation
Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky
Foundation For The Tri-State Community
Franco, John & Mary Family Foundation
Frazier, Owsley Brown Family Foundation
Frey Family Foundation
Gardner Foundation
Gauss, Dorothy R. Foundation
Gheens Foundation
GHH Charitable Foundation
Gilbert Foundation
Goldstein, Isadore & Rose Family Foundation
Gordon Foundation
Gray, James N. Foundation
Griggs Family Foundation
Grigsby, Edith Trust For The Elderly
Hagen, Virginia Clark Charitable Foundation
Hager, Lawrence & Augusta Educational Foundation
Hall, Margaret Foundation
Hancock, Donald A. Perpetual Charitable Trust
Hancock, J. G. & E. S. Charitable Trust
Hannah Foundation
Hannah, Wood & Marie C. Foundation
Harris, Claude & Betty Foundation
Haskins, Morris & Dorothy Foundation
Hayswood Foundation
Henderman, David W. Foundation
HEP Foundation
Hertzman Foundation
Hodges, Kathryn J. Charitable Trust
Honey Locust Foundation
Horn, Mildred V. Foundation
Hoskins Family Foundation
Houchens, Ervin G. Foundation
Humana Foundation
Hunter Fund
J & L Foundation
Jacobs, Ethel T. Foundation
Jain, Dr. Kirti Family Foundation
Jamie & Cory Foundation
Jochum, Lurline H. Charitable Trust
Johnson, A. L. & Virginia Foundation
Jones Family Charitable Foundation
Jones, Brereton & Elizabeth Charitable Family Foundation
Juilfs Foundation
Justice, Frank & Mattie Charitable Foundation
Kaplan, Saul & Harriet Foundation
Keeneland Foundation
Kentucky Foundation For Women
Kentucky Fund For Healthy Living
Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation
Killian, B. J. Foundation
Kindred Foundation
Klein, Julia & Isadore Family Foundation
Klempner Foundation
Knock Family Foundation
Koon, Theharold & Juanita R. Family Charitable Foundation
Ladner, Frank S. & Julia M. Family Foundation
Lauries Haven For Youth Charitable Trust
Le Foundation
Lerman, Arthur J. & Mary C. Charitable Foundation
Lexington Foundation
Lexington Orphan Society
Little, W. Paul & Lucille Caudill Foundation
Longest, Mary Butler Foundation
Louisville Bar Foundation
Lowman Family Foundation
Lunsford, W. Bruce Foundation
Lykins Foundation
Lykins, Robert W. & Elsie B. Chr Foundation
Lyon, Samuel Charitable Foundation
Mackin Foundation
MacLean Foundation
Mahan Foundation
Mansbach Foundation
Maplewood Foundation
Marohn, Nettie Gertrude Brown Charitable Trust
Marshall Charitable Foundation
Martin, H. Gordon Foundation
Masonis, Agnes Charitable Remainder Trust
McDowell, Ephraim Foundation
McKellar, Jessie Barker Charitable Foundation
Mercy Foundation
Moorman, Charles P. Foundation
Morgan, Robert & Evelyn Hewlett Family Foundation
Murphy, Raymond Trust
Newcomb Family Trust
Nicklies Foundation
Norfleet, Eleanor Terry Charitable Trust
Norton Foundation
Novak, David C. & Wendy L. Foundation
Omnicare Charitable Foundation
Omnicare Foundation
Opera House Fund
Orleton Trust Fund
Osmondson, Karston A. & Ethelyn O. Chr. Fund
P. H. P.
Paradis Foundation
Parrish, M. L. Family Foundation
Pollard, C. F. Foundation
Pomeroy Family Charitable Trust
Preston, Raymond B. Family Foundation
Reed Foundation
Renaker, George A. Charitable Foundation
Reutlinger, Kenneth Foundation
Rise Foundation
River Foundation
RLR Charitable Foundation
Robinson, E. O. Mountain Fund
Roseman, Ephraim Foundation
Rosenbaum, Charles W. Foundation
Rosenstein Family Charitable Foundation
Rosenthal Foundation
Roth, Louis T. Foundation
Rounsavall, Robert W. Jr. Family Foundation
Rowland Foundation
Scariot Family Foundation
Schmid, Lyndon & Helen M. Charitable Foundation
Schnatter, John H. Family Foundation
Schubert, Sam Foundation
Seligman, Chas & Ruth Family Foundation
Shumate, Clifford Family Foundation
Simpson, William J. & Melanie G. Fam Char Fdn
Smith, Tubby Foundation
Sower, Frank W. Community Trust
Spray Foundation
Spriggs, William Guy Charitable Trust
Steiner, Paula M. Family Foundation
Stock Yards Bank Foundation
Straws Charitable Foundation
Sumner Foundation
Sutherland Foundation
Swaim, Harry L. & June Macneill Foundation
Swope, Sam Family Foundation
Taylor Family Foundation
Trim Masters Charitable Foundation
Truex, Richard B. Foundation
Two Copper Mountains
Vanhoose Stewart Foundation
Varia Family Foundation
Vogt, Henry Foundation
Wallingford, Elizabeth Old Washington Preservation
Warwick Foundation
WCA Charitable Foundation
Wehling Family Charitable Foundation
Weisberg, Charles L. Family Foundation
Wells Foundation
Wheeler Charitable Trust
Whipple, George P. & Henrietta D. Foundation
Whitaker Foundation
Wilborn, Raymond & Irene Charitable Foundation
Wilson, Leight M. Foundation
Woosley, Fred B. & Opal S. Foundation
Wrigley, Misdee Charitable Foundation
Yeager, Lester E. Charitable Trust B
Young, Marilyn & William Charitable Foundation
Young, William T. Family Foundation
YPI Charitable Trust Of J. T. Dorrance III
YUM! Brand Foundation
Zalla, Michael Francis Memorial
Zantker Charitable Foundation