KS Foundation Links and Other Resources

Kansas foundation links & other resources:

Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation Of Southwest Kansas
Delta Dental Of Kansas Foundation
Dickinson Foundation / wood@wooddickinson.com
Douglas County Community Foundation
Emporia Community Foundation
Farah, Virginia H. Foundation / contact@farahfoundation.org
Greater Salina Community Foundation
Hansen, Dane G. Foundation
Hutchinson Community Foundation / info@hutchcf.org
Jewish Community Foundation Of Greater Kansas City
Jewish Federation Of Greater Kansas City
Jones, Walter S. & Evan C. Foundation
Kansas Health Foundation
Legacy A Regional Community Foundation / admin@legacyregionalfoundation.org
Manhattan Community Foundation / foundation@mcfks.org
McPherson County Community Foundation
Newton Community & Healthcare Foundation / nchf.info@newmedctr.org
Servant Christian Community Foundation
Shumaker Family Foundation
Snyder, H. L. Medical Foundation / tsmith@snydermri.org
South Central Community Foundation
Sprint Foundation
Sunderland Foundation / sunderlandfoundation@ashgrove.com
Sunflower Foundation
Thomas County Community Foundation
Topeka Community Foundation / info@topekacommunityfoundation.org
Westar Energy Foundation
Western Kansas Community Foundation
Wichita Community Foundation / wcf@wichitacf.org
Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund
Wilderness Community Education Foundation / info@wcef.org

The Kansas Foundation DataBook is the only directory in Kansas that lists every foundation in Kansas AND profiles every grant made by Kansas’s largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the Kansas Foundation DataBook:
Anderson Family Foundation
Armour Foundation
Ash Grove Charitable Foundation
Atterbury Family Foundation
Babinger, Emil Charitable Trust
Baehr, Louis W. & Dolpha Foundation
Ball Charities
Ball Family Foundation, The
Bane, Earl Foundation
Barton Charitable Foundation
Bartz, Janice N. & Herman G., Jr. Charitable Trust
Baughman Foundation
Beach, Ross & Marianna Foundation
Beren, Adam E. Foundation
Beren, Israel Henry Charitable Trust
Beren, Joan S. Foundation, The
Beren, Robert M. Foundation
Berry Foundation
Blair, Clay Foundation
Blosser, Charles H. & Isabell Foundation
Bolene Charitable Trust
Bramlage Family Foundation
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
Brown, Samuel M. & Laura H. Charitable Trust
Bryden, Blanche Foundation
Campbell Family Foundation
Cape Flattery Foundation
Capitol Federal Foundation
Carney, Gayla W. & Daniel M. Family Charities Foundation
Casado, Luis A. Charitable Trust
Casado, Vera J. Charitable Trust
Central Charities Foundation
Cessna Foundation
Childrens Community Foundation
Cloud County Childrens Trust
Cochener, Bruce G. Foundation
Coffeyville Area Community Foundation
Cole, Darwin & Lorene Foundation
Coleman Family Foundation
Community Foundation Of Dickinson County, The
Cook, Marian D. Foundation
Coonrod, Carl M. & Ruth L. Family Foundation
Cooper-Clark Foundation
Cossman, F. Price Memorial Trust
Cray, Evah C. Residuary Charitable Trust
Crosby Family Foundation
Cross Foundation
Cyr, Roderick J. & Jo Anne Foundation
Dalke, Elmer Charitable Foundation
Davis, James A. & Juliet L. Foundation
Deramus Foundation
Devlin Family Foundation
DeVore Foundation
Dillon, Stella A. & Ray E. Foundation
Dondlinger Foundation
Downey Family Foundation
Downing, Barry L. & Paula M. Foundation
Dreiling, Leo J. & Albina Charitable Trust
Dreiseszun Family Foundation, The
DSSR Charitable Foundation
Duclos, Leva & Frank Foundation
Elbel, Carolyn Curry Memorial Foundation
Elsberry Family Foundation
Evans, Gordon W. Charitable Trust
Evans, Jessica Good Charitable Foundation
Farha, Zack & Leilah Charitable Foundation
Feist Charitable Foundation
Firebaugh, Douglas & Caryn Foundation
First National Bank Charitable Trust
Five Mile Childrens Foundation
Flint Hills Youth Charitable Foundation
Foley Family Charitable Trust
Garvey Kansas Foundation
Garvey, James Family Charitable Trust
Garvey, Jean & Willard Fund
Gerber, William H. & Velma Trust
Gerson Family Foundation
Gino Foundation
Goebel Family-Star Lumber Charitable Trust
Goldberg Family Foundation
Gordanier, Ruth V. Charitable Trust
GR’s Foundation
Graves, John A. & Helen L. Family Foundation
Green Mountain Charitable Foundation
Guiv, Rustam Foundation
Haglage Charitable Trust
Hale Family Foundation
Hanlon, Hubert & Richard Trust
Harper, L. F. Family Foundation
Hartley Family Foundation
Hauptli, A. John & Barbara A. Charitable Foundation
Havercroft Family Foundation
Hawkers Beechcraft Employees Golden Rule Plan Association
Heckart Family Foundation
Hedrick, Frank & Betty Foundation
Helvering, R. L. & Elsa Estate Trust
Henry, Pete Foundation
Hickok, John D. Foundation
Hill, Kenneth C. Charitable Foundation
Hiller Foundation
Hoffman Family Foundation
Hopkins, E. L. & Z. Private Foundation
Horejsi Charitable Foundation
Hylton, Arthur M. & Ethel L. Trust
Insurance Management Associates Foundation
Intrust Charitable Trust
Jabara, Fran Family Foundation
Jellison Benevolent Society
Jennings, Cecilia W. Foundation
Johnson Family Foundation
Jordaan Foundation Inc
Joscelyn, Verla Nesbitt Foundation
Kao Family Foundation
Kejr Foundation
Kelling Family Foundation
KG&E Project Deserve Trust Fund
Kiersznowski Family Charitable Trust
King Foundation
Kirk Family Charitable Trust
Koch, David H. Charitable Foundation
Koch, Fred. C. & Mary R. Foundation
Kokari Foundation
Kriz Charitable Fund
Laham Family Foundation
Lambe, Claude R. Charitable Foundation
Langley, Loretto A. Trust
Lloyd, Harry J. Charitable Trust, The
Logan Foundation, The
Lowenstein Brothers Foundation
Lusk Family Foundation
Lusk Foundation
Mansfield Family Foundation
Martin, Martha Cecile Charitable Trust
Martin, Thomas Foundation
McCullough Family Foundation
McCune, Don C. & Florence M. Foundation
Meadowlark Foundation
Mecaskey, H. Neil, Jr. Foundation
Mersereau, Roy P. Charitable Trust
Middlekauff, Mildred & Rolland Foundation
Mikesell Family Foundation
Miller Family Foundation
Mingenback, Julia J. Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation
Morgan, Albert & Leona A. Charitable Foundation
Morris, Mark & Bette Family Foundation
Muchnic Foundation
Murphy, Guy & Ruby Casebourn Charitable Trust
Nash, Chester Edwin & Mary Charitable Foundation
Norquist-Robinson Foundation
Nystrom, Oscar & Ina Foundation
O’Keefe Family Foundation
Pakkebier, John, Clara & Henry Family Foundation, The
Parmelee Foundation
Parsons, Roy & Myrtle Testamentary Charitable Trust
Payless Shoesource Foundation
Pearce, George & Belle Trust
Piersol Foundation
Plett, Fiedelia E. Charitable Foundation
Powell Family Foundation
Price, Sam Family Foundation
Pride Of Kansas City Foundation
Ptacek Family Foundation
Pugh, George B. & Virginia W. Foundation
Quinn Foundation
Rainen, Michael J. Family Foundation
Rash McReynolds Foundation
Rathert Foundation
Reeble, Jane & Bernard Foundation
Reimer Family Foundaton
Rhoden, Elmer C. Charitable Foundation
Rhoden, Elmer C. Charitable Trust
Rice, Ethel & Raymond F. Foundation
Roman Foundation
Ross Charitable Trust
Ross Foundation
Ross, Paul Charitable Foundation
Rouback Family Foundation
Ruf, Dave G., Jr. Family Foundation
Sabatino Foundation
Salgo Trust For Education
Salgo, Nicolas M. Charitable Trust
Salgo-Noren Foundation
Sarli Family Foundation
Sarver Charitable Trust
Schellhorn, Charles & Elizabeth Private Foundation
Schmidt, Robert E. & Patricia A. Foundation
Schowalter Foundation
Schreur Family Foundation
Scroggins, Arthur & Cornelia C. Foundation
Security Benefit Life Insurance Company Charitable Trust
Servant Foundation
Shannon, Ken & Jan Family Foundation, The
Skillbuilders Fund
Smith, Kenneth L. & Eva Foundation
Smoot Charitable Foundation
Spaulding Family Foundation
Spitcaufsky, Melvin Memorial Foundation
Srader Foundation
Stallman, Herman, Esther & Henry Foundation
Stevens County Foundation
Stiefel, Milton I. & Frances L. Foundation
Stolzer Family Foundation
Stone Family Foundation
Stueck Family Foundation
Stumps Charitable Foundation
Sullivan, Charles A. Charitable Foundation
Swogger Foundation
Syzygy Foundation
Taylor, Daniel J. Family Charitable Foundation
Throckmorton-Riser Foundation
Toon Family Charitable Foundation
Trembly, John E. Foundation
Trio Foundation
Trusler Foundation
Turner Family Foundation
Tyler, Robert & Gwen Charitable Foundation
V & H Charitable Foundation
Voran, Helen V. Irrevocable Charitable Trust
Wacek Charitable Foundation Trust
Wagnon, Kenneth J. Foundation
Wallace, Dwane L. & Velma Lunt Foundation
Watson Family Foundation
Weber Family Foundation, The
Western Hemisphere Cultural Society
Western Professional Associates
White Family Foundation
Wichita Trinity Foundation
Wiedemann, K. T. Foundation
Wildlands Restoration Corporation
Williams, Mary Jo Charitable Trust
Young, Bill B. Foundation
Youth Development Foundation
Zimmerman Family Foundation