KS DataBook Software

The Foundation DataBook Software. Fast! Powerful! User Friendly! Saves you hours & money!
The Foundation DataBook Software, which includes a printed DataBook, easily installs onto Windows and Macintosh computers. This comprehensive searchable database contains all of the information on the profiled foundations that appear in the printed book and makes identifying and contacting foundations astoundingly easy!With the Software you can instantly find likely funding sources, earmark foundations, keep notes, print reports, export data and more!

Search and generate lists of foundations in which you are interested, based on a variety of search parameters. For example, you could identify every foundation that made a grant of $10,000 or more to an organization like yours, in your city–in about 30 seconds! Every field is searchable and it’s easy to “earmark” your best prospects and keep notes too! Tons of options and built for speed! You need this Software! Now updated with a better user interface, new search tools and new printable reports! Click here to download a .pdf file featuring screen shots of the DataBook Software with explanatory notes.

Software Features and Benefits:
• Instantly view a list of all the grants made by a foundation
• Search grants awarded based on recipient organization type
• Search grants awarded based on the grant-maker’s stated purpose
• Search geographical area in which the grant was awarded
• View complete details on each foundation
• Sort foundations alphabetically, by assets or by total grants awarded
• Search the database for specific trustee names
• Search any field in the database
• Prepare contact reports for any profiled foundation
• And much, much more (DataBook FAQs)
The DataBook Software includes one printed Foundation DataBook and all shipping and handling fees.