Kansas Foundations

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Summary Of DataBook & CD Features:

The Kansas Foundation DataBook & Software, 1st Ed. is a directory and CD of every Kansas foundation, with comprehensive profiles of the largest grantmaking foundations and a categorical listing of every one of the 11,116 grants they awarded to mostly Kansas nonprofit organizations for the most recent year on record–over $143 million!
Combined asset amount of foundations profiled is over $1.6 billion and represents over 99% of all Kansas foundation assets; total of grants profiled is over $143 million.
Three indexes show every Kansas foundation–view all Kansas foundations alphabetically by Foundation name, by City name, or by foundation Asset amount.
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Published August 2008, 548 pages (8.5 x 11 inch page). Save 50% and order today!

Foundation profiles include (see Sample page too):

• Name of foundation, address, contact person, phone
• Type of foundation, date established, fiscal year profiled, EIN
• Total revenue, amount for program service, management & general expenses, fund balance at the close of the fiscal year
• Trustees, purpose, restrictions, geographic focus, deadlines, published information, and other information, including format for submission of requests
• Total number of grants, total amount for grants, average grant size, largest and smallest grants
• Percentage of grants to a particular organization which was funded by the foundation in the prior edition of the DataBook (gives overall three-year historical perspective and identifies foundations which may fund organizations in successive years, either because of a multi-year grant commitment or because the foundation provides ongoing support)

Grants listings include:

• ALL GRANTS made by a particular foundation for the most recent year on record
• Nifty bar charts give a quick visual picture of how the foundation spent most of its money (One chart shows grant dollars by category; the other shows geographic distribution of grant dollars!)
• Grant recipient organization, its location by city and state, dollar amount of the grant, purpose of the grant, and the category of grant recipient, using the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (26 major field areas; see taxonomy link)
• Grants listings by category (for instance, all grants to the arts are grouped together, as are grants within other categories)
• Average grant size within each category, the sub-total amount of these grants, and the percentage of grant dollars within each category

DataBook CD includes (CD orders INCLUDE a printed DataBook):

• Search options that will save hours of time–instantly identify appropriate funding sources; earmark foundations; keep notes; print reports or copy data to your clipboard or other applications. Be sure to check out the DataBook Software link for more info!
• All of the information on the profiled foundations from the printed DataBook
• EXTRA information not shown in the printed DataBook–such as the name and location of donors who made contributions of $100,000 or more to a profiled foundation, or information copied from the web such as historical references about the foundation trustees

Also included in the printed DataBook:

• Explanation of directory elements and sample page; composite overview of grants by category; listing of all grants of $200,000 and greater; geographic distribution of grants in Kansas (listing in descending order, towns in Kansas and the number of grants in those towns), geographic distribution of foundations, and sample letter proposal format; plus tons of helpful indexes including a Capital Grants index, Trustee index, Grants Deadline Calendar, foundations listed by grantee categories, foundation listing by fund balance, foundations listed by amount of grants paid, listing by foundation name, CD availability and order form

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